Endurance WOD 5/6


Endurance WOD 5/6

Yessss!! Welcome to your first 75-minute Endurance class! Don’t let the length of this class intimidate you. It’d designed to be manageable and to build your endurance! Wondering what’s up with the Balance, Build, and Breathe stuff you keep seeing in our workouts? Angelo writes our programming in progressive phases.

-Our Balance section is the warm-up which has “easy” effort movements to help awaken and prime your nervous system, as well as give you some mobility and stability exercises.

-The Build section is our strength portion. Yes, even Endurance classes have strength building.

-The Breathe phase is where we put it all together to get your heart rate up and train your conditioning to make you an unstoppable force.


15 min AFRAP:
200m run
Leopard crawl 1 length
8 scap pull-ups
PVC forward fold x :20


3 sets:
Back Rack Russian Step Ups x 12
10 side lunge / leg
:20 hanging L- Hold / N-Hold
30 wall supported handstand


Every 3 mins x 10 sets:
ski/ bike 15 cals
12 alt step ups
9 burpees
FLR until 1 min remains on interval

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