Endurance WOD 5/3/17


Endurance WOD 5/3/17

Welcome to our very first workout at EDX CrossFit! Our head coach, Angelo, writes all our programming and has created this fun one for you today. He likes to add in acronyms and tempo lingo that you may not understand until you come take a class with him. Don’t let that deter you! Come regardless of what we program and we guarantee you’ll get stronger, better, and fitter. Each day we’ll post the WOD here, so check back often.

15 min warm up


3 sets
ASAP 90 degree walll sit w/ toes lifted
Hinge Row x 8 @ 3 111
Progressive Push-Ups to find a “tough” set of 8 @3111
Rack stretch x :30
rest :90-2 mins


10 min AMRAP:
21 cals (bike or ski)
15 sec side plank variation / side
9 Strict toes to bar/ HLR / Knee raises
rest 5 mins
x2 sets
*same reps each Round

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