Endurance WOD 5.24.17


Endurance WOD 5.24.17

We hope you’re preparing by taking Endurance classes because Memorial Day is coming. Yes, this is the kick off for summer BUT it’s also the day we the Murph. This is a long workout and the better you’ve trained your breathing, the better you’ll hold up in this workout.

So how hard should you be pushing yourself in class? How should you pace the workouts? If you’ve been coming to class, you’ve already learned a bit about pacing from Head Coach, Angelo.  A general rule of thumb is that the longer the conditioning set is, the more you want to back off so that you can sustain you work effort at the same level throughout the workout, and have the energy to even raise the level of work slightly at the end.  We love it when people work hard, but if you put your max effort into each workout it’s a sure way to fry your nervous system. You want to go hard 1-2 times per week and back it off slightly on the other days. It’s also important that your getting easy peasy conditioning in to help build vascular density. This means working at a zone 1 heart rate, or just slightly out of breath like taking a brisk walk. Building more vascular density allows your body to circulate more oxygen, and flush out your blood more efficiently, making your cardiovascular abilities greater.

Here’s what we’re serving up today for Endurance class:

Balance: 15 min EASY Breathing

200m Run

10m diagonal lunge steps

8 side plank dip ups / side

6 V-Up Sit-ups


Breathe: 3 rounds for time

Run 200m 30 RKBS (sets of 10)

:40 FLR on the FLOOR


FT: 2k SKI or 4 mile bike

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