Endurance WOD 5.20.17


Endurance WOD 5.20.17

Today’s the day! Come to class… but then go home, eat, shower and come back for our Grand Opening Celebration this Saturday, May 20th from noon-3pm. Don’t worry, there won’t be any working out. It’s just a chance to meet fellow CrossFitters, drink some beer, hang out and have fun. We’ll be heading to U-Turn BBQ after for post party partying. Bring your friends and family!

But first, here’s what we’re serving up today:

Balance: 15 mins EASY movement:

1 min – single under DU practice

6-8 strict knees to elbows

:15 ring support

6-8 Russian twists / side


Build: 3 sets

Russian Step Ups x 10-12

star plank / side plank x :20 /side

donkey kicks x 5


Breathe: 30 min EMOM

1-  30 sec Breathe for sustainable cals

2 – :20 hanging shoulder retractions

3- 15 KB swings

4 – :30 Jump rope

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