Endurance 5.31.17


Endurance 5.31.17

It’s hump day! Only a few more days until the weekend. But how do you stay motivated to get work done for the next few days? Well, sometimes it’s not about having motivation. Sometimes you need to just grind through responsibilities despite lacking motivation to do so because you’re committed to getting the job done. Now take this mindset into your workouts. Sometimes you’re given a task that doesn’t seem enjoyable, or fun, and you’re not motivated to do the workout. Are you going to do it? If you’re committed to your health and fitness, the answer is an obvious YES. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” and you’ll have enough reason to stay committed to your fitness -if you remind yourself of your reasons WHY. We call this your X! Screw motivation. What’s your X?

Here’s what we’re serving up today:


Partner ski bowling

5 strings each w/ partner holds a wall climb





burpees / KB swings

*5 min cap


20 min AMRAP

200m run

15-10-5 : Wall balls / AD cals / :30 FLR

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