Endurance 5.27.17


Endurance 5.27.17

Guys! It’s a holiday weekend. We’re open today with a normal class schedule but we will be closed on Monday, May 29th. All classes will be cancelled for Memorial Day. However, keeping with tradition we will be doing a 9am Murph workout that all members are welcome to join in on (Scaled and RX options).  U-turn BBQ will be providing our post-workout recovery drink: their light and dark brews! No better way to spend the day. Trust me .. but if you don’t – just show up and find  out for yourself.

The long weekend is here!  How will you be spending it? For most, it’ll involve BBQ and beers and some kind of activity. We can appreciate kicking back in terms of taking an active recovery day to help you recover from all the hard work you put into your workouts all week so that you can come back stronger – and ready to rock. But what is active recovery? Well what it is not – is passively “recovering” meaning not doing much and hoping that inactivity will just heal your body. Being an active participant in your own recovery includes eating properly, getting enough sleep, and taking the time to de-stress and have fun. It also means doing light cardio that will allow your body to help flush out toxins, and reduce soreness and inflammation. This can look like a leisurely walk or hike, swimming, lifting lighter weights ect… and doing mobility and fascial release. So for this weekend, yes – crack open that beer and ENJOY, but also get outside and get active. Your body will thank you.

This is Liliana’s favorite class ALL week – and it should be yours too! That’s because you get an extra 15 minutes of fitness. We love long conditioning to help build your cardiovascular health. So we hope you enjoy what we got in store for you today:

Balance: 15 mins Steady movement 

1 min Breathe

1 wall climb

:10 ring support

:30 supine twist / side



Elevated Front Foot lunge x 10-12

Stall Bar Leg Raises x 4-6

Active Hang Single Arm Hang x :10


Breathe: 20 min AMRAP

400m buddy run (stay together)

40 Partner wall balls

30 Alt Box Jump Step Down (BJSD)

20 Partner Russian twists

1 min accumulated flexed arm hang


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