Crushing the Long Game


Crushing the Long Game

Every time I open up the Instragrams or scroll through my Facebook feed I see sooo many fitness photos. I think this is GREAT as I LOVE fitness and everything it encompasses! People are sharing their recent personal bests, their struggles and their sweaty conquests. Some of these photos are sharing only what they want you to see: Success. Some photos are demonstrating the hard work these people are putting in on a routine basis (which isn’t so sexy). Either way, there is an overwhelming similarity in most of the sharing I see on social media.


It has become all too glamorous now to wage war on our bodies. I see pics of trainers and enthusiasts “Crushing” their workouts, going “HAM” and engaging “Beast-Mode” every day in the gym.


Don’t get me wrong. I can appreciate a strong work ethic and the desire to feel accomplished. It’s also important to work out at a requisite level of intensity to make real changes in fitness or body composition. I still wonder though, where did these people come from? Where are they going? And, what are they doing with all this fitness? Most importantly, is their programming sustainable and truly organized to accomplish their goals and keep them healthy AFTER the fact?


Any good coach will agree that when one is on a journey to achieve real fitness that lasts, there needs to be a long term plan, a progression and most importantly a reason to engage “Beast-Mode.”


Remember this….just because you can, does not mean you should.


The brilliant exercise physiologist and extreme mountaineer, Mark Twight, once said, “Its easy to train hard, its hard to train smart.”


At EDX CrossFit, we look ahead not by days but by months to strategically plan our workouts and build our members up by consistently improving their foundation and slowly adding in skills as they are earned. This means we prioritize moving across specific checkpoints and educating our members on the whys of our methodology in demonstrating requisite strength, conditioning and skill development as we progress through a higher order of fitness.


If we approach our fitness like we are traveling at a low trajectory towards a distant horizon. We will prevent injury and promote longevity, building fitness that lasts a lifetime.


Beast-Mode Engaged.

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