CrossFit WOD 6.8.17


CrossFit WOD 6.8.17

Well, today’s the day. Welcome to your first class with Olympic Lifting. We’ll be going over the Clean, which is a movement that will get the barbell from the ground to your shoulders. Olympic lifting, in general, required a lot of pre-requisite mobility and strength. Don’t worry  -if you’ve been coming to class regularly then you’ll be prepared for this. …If not, then there’s no better time to start than now. Olympic lifting also involves highly technical movements, and so having a good coach who will break down the movements in a way that you can understand is important. But there’s no better way to get a full body workout, and did I mention it’s also the most efficient way to get lean? Yup, full body tension movements like Olympic Lifting, will burn fat at a faster rate than most other exercises including your standard treadmill cardio trap.

Here’s your workout:



Muscle clean

Empty bar front squat holds

Empty bar OHS holds



Overhead Squat x 3-5 @ 3111

Block hold x :05-:10



Take 10 mins to build to a heavy-ish Muscle clean

rest 5 mins

8 min AMRAP @ 60% of MC build:

1 Muscle clean

1 front squat

rest :15

1 MC

2 Front squats

rest :15

1 MC

3 Front Squats

rest :15


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