CrossFit WOD 6.6.17


CrossFit WOD 6.6.17

It’s Dia de los Deadlifts! We’ve been going hard on the deadlifts for the past few weeks, and hopefully you’ve seen progress in what you can do. The deadlift is a basic movement in theory: you pick stuff up and put it down. (And yes, insert jock joke here.) But! once you get going with this move there are a lot of details you’ll start paying attention to, and you’ll notice how challenging this move can be. The biggest reason for that is because this movement requires you to use all the muscles on your posterior chain, which is just a fancy way of saying your back side.. you know, the exact same muscles you don’t use when you’re sitting down. If you have a desk job, you’ll be well acquainted with back pain, or at the very least, back aches. I’m going to de-bunk a myth RIGHT NOW.

Your back is not aching because it’s tight! Your back is aching because it’s weakened. (This is excluding if you’ve had an acute injury or blow to the area.) The muscles get turned “off” (neurologically speaking) when not used enough, like when you’re sitting all day. The way to turn them on is by strengthening them, NOT by stretching them which is what most people intuitively do when they have a muscle ache or discomfort. But strengthening a muscle is actually step 2 in a multi-step process. So what’s step 1?

The body usually works in opposition, like a see-saw. When one muscle is turned “off”, the muscle that does the exact opposite movement (the agonist) is turned “on” too much – or has too much tension. Specifically with back pain, your extensors along your back side have been shut off and so it’s most likely that your front flexing muscles need to be mobilized first and then strengthen your back side to restore balance – eliminating your back ache over time.

Now I’m just broad-stroking this topic. These are just general guidelines. But next time your back aches, try resisting the urge to touch your toes and do a few deadlifts and notice what happens.

Here’s what we’re serving up today:

Balance: 3 sets not for time

8 no push-up burpees

:20 FLR on Rings

8 SCAP Push-ups

:20 knee plank on backs of hands

8 Scap Pull-ups


Build: Every 3 mins x 5 sets

Sumo Deadlift x 4-6 – all tough sets

:20 ring support


Breathe:  FT

1-10 KB Ground to Over head per side / SA Swing per Side

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