CrossFit WOD 6.2.17


CrossFit WOD 6.2.17

It’s the end of the week, and you’ve put in a lot of effort at the gym. Maybe you’re feeling a bit achy and tired from all that activity, and that’s OK and normal but you still need to do some TLC for your body to help it recover so you can get back to hitting it hard inside and outside of the gym. How do you recover? Well, our number one advice is to do easy zone 1 non-impact cardio for 20-30 minutes, and we prefer to use the AirDyne and swimming. This active recover helps flush toxins out of your body without causing any extra inflammation. Don’t forget about tissue mobilization through compressive tools like foam rollers, lax balls ect… We use these a lot in our Get bent yoga class and have strategically placed that class in the middle of the week to help you recover and keep pushing through to the end of the week so that hopefully by Friday you’re not feeling broken.

But for today’s workout:

Balance: 4 rounds not for time:

1 min SU / DU practice

4 Pump stretch

5 breaths Arch Hold

6 Banded good mornings



Close Grip Bench Press x5-7 @ 4111

SA ring Row x 6-8 / side @ 3012

Ring Dips w/ feet elevated x 6-8 @4111



:90 Intervals

5 calorie Ski/ 10 calorie bike – HARD effort


Jump rope til 90 second interval is complete

rest :90

x 4 sets


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