CrossFit WOD 5/5/17


CrossFit WOD 5/5/17

Happy Cinco de Mayo! We’ll be celebrating today by getting in another solid workout. Angelo writes our programming in a sneaky way – he sneaks in mobility and stability work into each and every workout. This is one way he helps bullet-proof you from injury. Today’s workout will incorporate a whole buncha core stability. Guys, this is really important to have and you’ve got to pay the price by putting in the time of building stability and strength before you can go do some more fun and crazy moves. Here’s what we’re serving up today:


5 rounds not for time:
10 wall squats
8 alternating dead bugs against the wall
6 hand release up-dogs


3 sets:
Natural leg extension x 6 reps
warrior 3 hold x :20/ leg

Top chinnup hold x :15 (supinated / Pronated)
Ring supported lat stretch x :30/ side

Russian twists x 10/ side


4 sets:
10 cals SKI / Bike
10 Box Jump step downs
10 Ring rows
10 Jump lunges / leg
rest 2 mins


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