CrossFit WOD 5.30.17


CrossFit WOD 5.30.17

What does EDX mean? Have you wondered this? Well, it’s not just a random name – despite getting an affiliate name that’s not already taken being one of the bigger challenges to opening our box! EDX stands for Every Day X. Your “X” is your reason for coming into the gym to get fit. Physical fitness is the ability to be able to do whatever physical task you’re given, or want to do. So what’s your X? Is it running marathons? Cycling? Rock climbing? Getting into shape and maybe loosing a few pounds? Being healthy for family members and kids? Qualifying for the CrossFit Games? It doesn’t matter, but what’s important is that you know WHY you’re coming into the gym and putting in hard work. If you know your X, or your reason why you do this on a consistent basis, then motivation will never be lacking. You’ll show up every day, willing to work hard, and excited about it.

So, what is your X?


Balance: 4 rounds NFT

10 KB swings

:20 active hange

:30 Plance lean


Build: Every 4 mins x 4 sets

Sumo Deadlift x 3-5

half kneeling single arm press x 5-7 @ 3111


Breathe: Eery 3 mins x 5 sets

5 burpees over the bar

5 deadlifts (185/135)

(5/10) cals

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