CrossFit WOD 5.23.17


CrossFit WOD 5.23.17

What is a FLR? If you’re coming to class, hopefully you’ve heard Head Coach, Angelo, give this explanation… but we understand that once you start breaking a sweat it might not stick in the ol’ memory bank. A FLR stands for Front Leaning Rest – which is just a fancy way of saying Plank! Why do we program these so much? A few reasons.

The first, and most important, reason is that this full body tension move is an isometric contraction (you’re not moving the muscles being worked but they’re still contracting.) This not only builds stability strength in the body, which is your foundation for strength training. Stability strength gives you better posture and helps to prevent injury by creating healthy, stable joints.

Isometric contractions also allow the body to start firing muscles that are dysfunctional or maybe aren’t firing properly previously – thus unleashing your full strength potential. Basically, making you an unstoppable beast.

Lastly, full body tension moves such as the FLR is the fastest way to shed unwanted fat and make you lean. Yup, that’s right. Gone are the days of hanging on a treadmill and trying to cut by doing long, boring cardio. Don’t believe us? Ask Dr. Google.

And here’s what we’re serving up today:


Balance: 3 sets Not For Time

8 SLDL/ Leg

:20 FLR on rings

8 scap HSPU


Build: Every 2 min x 6 sets

Sumo Deadlifts x 5-7 – building

ring dip negatives x 5-7 @ 50A1


Breathe: For Time

10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 reps

Alt. KB cleans

Wall runs / side

Breathe for Cals

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