WOD 5.15.17

snatching a kettlebell

WOD 5.15.17

Some of these movements should start to look familiar! That’s because we’re in week 2 of our strength training progressions. Slow squats are what we’re all about today. Don’t worry if you’re reading the programming and thinking, “What the hell am I reading?” That’s OK! Learning to read programming and understanding tempo along with all the acronyms takes time. Just keep showing up, putting in the work, and you’ll understand more AND get better!

Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs explaining how to read tempo, how to use the Skit erg, and other fun things. If theres a topic you want to know more about, LET US KNOW! Send an email to: Liliana@EDXCrossFit.com

Here’s todays CrossFit WOD and Endurance WOD is below:


Balance: 4 sets

8 goblet squats @ 2111

10m duck walk

12 reverse crunches


Build: 4 sets

Back squat x 10-12 @ 4111

Box elevated pigeon stretch x :20 / Leg

Bulgarian ring rows x 8-10 @ 3111


Breathe: 2 rounds for time

21-15-9  Breathe for cals / Wall balls




200m run

8 scapular pull-ups

8 banded good mornings

:20 Rack stretch


Breathe: A Double header!

5 rounds- increase effort each round

5 burpee box jumps/ Step Ups

10 (kipping) knee raises

15 Russian KB swings

RAN (Rest As Needed)


+ 12 min AMRAP

21 cals

15 sec Hang

9 Burpees

rest :30

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