Endurance WOD 6.10.17


Endurance WOD 6.10.17

Hey-yo! It’s Saturday! We’re going to introducing “Bring a Friend” day every LAST Saturday of every month! Your friends may be wondering what you’ve been doing lately that’s putting some pep in your step. Well, now they can experience it for themselves. We’ll open our classes to your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you want to bring to come break a sweat with you and your fellow members. (And yes, you can bring your kids. Just remember, they must be 13yrs of age of older to participate in class.) We know that working out can be hard. That’s why having a friend by your side can help push you that extra bit. So start telling ’em now. They’ve got a few more weeks to prepare themselves!

Here’s what we’re serving up today:

Balance: 15 mins Steady movement

200m run

10m walking lunge

5 Kip swings

10 Scap Push-ups



Elevated Front Foot lunge x 10-12

Tuck lever hold x :10

Rack stretch x :30



5 K partner ski:

Switch after 1 partner completes 15-10-5 UB wall balls / Russian twists per side

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