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Why EDX?

Smart Coaching. Progressive Training.

We aim to break the CrossFit mold by building a solid fitness foundation through progressive and strategic program design that is backed by scientifically proven methodologies and will bullet proof your body from injury while getting you to the next level of fitness. Offering tiered classes, we welcome all fitness levels.

We are experts in our field, with over 25 years of combined experience working full-time in our industry. Your elite coaches emphasize proper energy system development which will help you reach your goals safely and effectively while not disturbing your hormone levels -like other random high intensity training can.

  • Evidence Based Training
  • Elite Coaching
  • Multiple Training Options
  • Encouraging Atmosphere
Our Core Values
  • Accountability: Holding yourself responsible for your actions and your outcomes
  • Authenticity: Being true to yourself and speaking your truth to others
  • Grit: Hard-working, having perseverance, and grinding through obstacles

Our coaches will do their best every day to help you attain your goals. We guarantee that if you uphold these values, you will get the most from the hard work you put into your training.

Our members LOVE THE PROCESS of building, achieving and maintaining their fitness level. EDX CrossFit is an environment to play with your movements, discover yourself in the process, and GROW into a better version of YOU. Our core values give you the groundwork for this.

Meet Our Coaches

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We never lock you into a contract. All memberships are month-to-month. We want members to want to be part of the EDX community, and to show up enthused to be here. If you feel this isn’t the place for you, simply give us a 30 day notice from your last billing date to end your membership.
EDX Bodyworks offers on-site appointments for pain management to keep you going, for treatment of acute & chronic pain and to improve athletic performance.
Heal your pain FAST. Book your appointment today!
Our team is RESULTS DRIVEN. They’re experts in their field, and will help you attain your goal in the safest, most effective method they know how. EDX CrossFit was born out of the desire to raise the bar in the fitness industry for both the recreationally fit and competitive athlete.
On-site Bodywork available by appointment • Free lockers for daily use • On-site shower and dressing room • Complimentary hair dryer, hair iron, q-tips, hair ties and more • Complimentary Hotel-quality towel service • Retail products available including custom T-shirts and protein supplements • State of the art equipment
Our small group classes, capped at 8-12 people, allow for more individualized attention from a coach to help you get the most out of every workout. We offer a variety of programs to help you stay balanced in your fitness, including CrosFit WODs, Endurance, Yoga, and Individualized Programming.

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