What About The Specialty Classes?

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What About The Specialty Classes?

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – William Shakespeare

It has become very common in boutique fitness to offer specialty classes. At EDX CrossFit, we fell in alignment with this idea when we opened our doors by offering CrossFit classes, Endurance classes and a weekly recovery class on Wednesday evening under the guise of “Yoga + Beer.”

If you have been following along with our weekly class schedule, you may have noticed that we have taken off the Endurance classes and replaced them with CrossFit classes.

Please do not be alarmed as nothing is changing besides the name of the class. We truly believe that we offer the most balanced and versatile small group class programming in the fitness industry. Liliana and I have come to agreement that if we offer “specialty” classes, we are outwardly admitting that our CrossFit programming is lacking, and that’s just not true.

Our weekly programming will still have days where we focus more on developing general strength, gymnastic mastery, cardiovascular conditioning and overall work capacity (the ability to get shit done). At least 2 days a week we will work more directly on the cardiovascular system (heart and blood pumping efficiency). We encourage you to come to class regardless of what the workout is. Each class will make you fitter, stronger, more conditioned, help you get toned, help you loose weight, ect… By cherry picking classes, it can lead to an unbalanced fitness level and cause you to either plateau in your abilities or hit a wall that may seem impossible to break through. Very Frustrating either way!

Don’t forget that we also offer individualized programming in our Supervised Open Gym times for those of you who have a specific event on the calendar that you are training for. Whether it be an OCR race, 10k road race, CrossFit competition, trail event or epic mountaineering adventure, we’d LOVE to help you prepare and have the best experience possible!

If you are training for an event, email me at Angelo@EDXcrossfit.com to set up a consultation and see how we can help you prepare or to find out which days in the gym will complement your training outside the gym.






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