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Here at EDX CrossFit, WE LOVE FITNESS, WE LOVE HELPING PEOPLE and we want to share our passions with YOU. Many coaches get into teaching fitness after experiencing burnout from a desk-dominated and money driven career. Angelo and Liliana Gala have stood the test of time in the holistic health and fitness industries. Their combined field experience equals over 25 years! With expertise that encompasses a deep understanding of movement biomechanics, strength and power development, gymnastic mastery and energy system development, they built successful careers by prioritizing education, sharing their knowledge and leading by example.  Angelo and Liliana have been working together creating strong, balanced and resilient bodies consistently breaking the physical and mental barriers to what was previously thought possible. Come join us and experience the passion these two bring to EDX CrossFit and to the community of Lafayette, CO.



776 W. Baseline Rd. Unit B,
Lafayette, CO 80026